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TerraSip - the mobile VoIP community
TerraSip - the Mobile VoIP Community - Our members telephone each other all over the world at any time of day or night for free, for as long and as often as they want.

The Free Call Button: the alternative to 800 numbers

TerraSip?s ?Free Call? Button is the first toll free VoIP number, a bell push for homepages. The customer enters his telephone number in a field on a web page and then clicks the button. This triggers a return call from the provider to the customer. As with a normal freecall number there is no charge to the customer and the provider only has to pay the usual cheap TerraSip VoIP rate.

This is how it works: Register as a TerraSip user, log in to your account and download the Free Call Button which you will find in your member space.

  Toll Free - TerraSip

The high spot: Using VoIP without having it!

The Free Call Button has a call forwarding function. So it is possible to receive an incoming call not only on a Sip account but also on any landline or mobile telephone connection. And even the extra cost of forwarding is only charged at cheap internet telephony rates.

Individual phone extensions or departments within a company can be reached on their own Free Call Button.

A great side-effect of this technology is that firewall problems cannot arise.
Providing website visitors and future customers with a service by which they can phone in for free is a great way to improve a company's image and increase sales. The company carries the cost of the call - this promotional technique has become an essential part of many companies' marketing strategy because they can see it as a customer friendly way to achieve significantly increased turnover.

In addition, in the age of internet telephony Toll Free has become the cheapest way to gain new customers.

If you would like to find out just how cheap a call from your website to your Sip connection can be, visit the standard pricelist. As website operator you only pay the charge for calls to the country from which somebody calls you.

  Example: If a person calls you as a 'call Europe' member from somewhere in Europe then the call is charged at just 0.014 Euros per minute. That means you could receive over seventy calls at a cost of only 1 Euro per day !!!

Is there any other advertising method as effective as that?

Freecall now affordable for small businesses
The Prepaid account gives the provider complete control over the costs involved: He can decide what to spend monthly on this marketing instrument, whether 10 Euros or 500. Compared with normal 0800 and 0180 numbers the provider saves around 90% on average. Especially small and medium sized businesses which have so far not been able to afford to maintain close customer contacts in this way can benefit a great deal.
Tailor made solutions can also easily be created for inbound and outbound Call Center calls. Expensive special numbers can be dispensed with completely or at least in part. Sip Free is ideal for internationally active companies because it easily crosses national boundaries. It can be used wherever internet access is available at the same cost as normal VoIP usage.

All advantages at a glance:

  • no contract
  • no monthly charges
  • no minimum call charges
  • no other hidden costs
  • calls charged per minute
  • TerraSip VoiIP - Sip free
  • complete cost control through prepaid account
  • list of call data records available online
  • all tariffs valid worldwide, independent of location
  • service can be implemented immediately after registration
  • individual tailoring possible
  • operator can administer his own account
  • flexible implementation - location independent
  • ideal marketing instrument
  • improved customer service leads to better company image
  • high rates of customer response
  • If you want to use URL-Dialing for own applications you will find the description of the interface here:


    TerraSip is the first company worldwide to offer Toll Free numbers via Voice over IP.
    You can find the Download Code for your personal Free Call Button ready and prepared for you under My TerraSip.