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TerraSip - the Mobile VoIP Community - Our members telephone each other all over the world at any time of day or night for free, for as long and as often as they want.


Phone2Phone helps you to make cheap phone calls from your computer over the internet.
Phone 2 Phone - without configuration
- without additional hardware
- without software
- without any installation.
You will only need your normal telephone. It is so simple.
Phone 2 Phone
You can even initiate a call between your grandmother at home and your brother somewhere in the world.
This is how it works:
  1. sign up for an account
  2. get your welcome mail with your account details
  3. top up your balance with call credit
  4. login to Phone2Phone with your Sipkey and password
  5. then just enter your number in the FROM field, (sipkey, landline or mobile),
  6. and the destination number in the TO field
  7. it will immediately ring first on your phone
  8. and soon afterwards on the destination phone

Do you want to use Phone2Phone for your own webpage or application?

Click here for the code.

Enjoy it and tell your friends about TerraSip Phone2Phone.