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TerraSip - the Mobile VoIP Community - Our members telephone each other all over the world at any time of day or night for free, for as long and as often as they want.

Call Caf?
Free TerraSip VoIP Billing Software
for Call Shops & Cyber Caf?s

No matter whether you have an existing telephone store or intend to open one, whether you already run an internet Caf? or want to make your Bistro/Caf? more attractive with an additional highlight and increase turnover......
Voice over IP is the market of the future, "Call Caf?" is the right software in all cases and TerraSip the ideal provider.
You have a Call Shop and you need an affordable provider in order to be able to offer the best prices locally - and you would also like to increase your profit?
The secret to your success lies in the trade prices which we can offer you!

You are starting up your new business, you have a good location and intend to open a telephone store in which customers can make very cheap national and international telephone calls? Your budget is restricted and you definitely want to keep your investment costs as low as possible?
So free billing software would be just the right thing!

VoIP Internetcafe - TerraSIP
VoIP Internetcafe - TerraSIP    You are the proud owner of an Internet Caf?. Wouldn't it make sense to offer cheap worldwide telephone calls as well as access to the internet, for which your customers already come to you anyway ? -
Using your existing infrastructure you can offer Internet-Telephony on top without significantly higher costs.

You operate a classic Bistro or Caf? and want to widen your product range and increase your turnover? - Why not offer affordable telephony? Simply bring a wireless Wifi to your guest at the table where he is sitting.VoIP Internetcafe - TerraSIP
Participate in the huge market of the future: ?Voice of over IP?
??. without much expense ??. without big investments
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