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TerraSip - the Mobile VoIP Community - Our members telephone each other all over the world at any time of day or night for free, for as long and as often as they want.


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What is a HotSpot?
Hotspots are wireless access areas in which members can use their laptops and USB phones when on the move to surf the Internet, send emails or make cheap VoIP telephone calls. Through making use of Roaming agreements and user based wireless networks TerraSip is already accessible at many thousands of HotSpots. Customers of Skype and other VoIP account providers can also easily make use of this service.

Equipped with our Handys for Wifi VoIP not only can you call other TerraSip members completely free of charge from these HotSpots, you can also make calls to landline and mobile telephones worldwide.

You make the greatest saving if you become a Member of the TerraSip Mobile VoIP Community.

Are you the operator of a HotSpot or an entire wireless network?
TerraSip, the Mobile VoIP Community, is very interested in making Roaming agreements with experienced HotSpot operators. We seek partners worldwide. TerraSip mobile VoIP products are easily adaptable and in combination with TerraSip's ability to support Roaming with our RADIUS based billing software the potential for generating high revenues is exceptional.

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